The Battle for BioIdentical Hormones by Jeffrey Dach MD

The Battle for BioIdentical Hormones
and Natural Medicine

Jeffrey Dach MD

On September 22, 2008, Jeffrey Dach MD delivered a 50 minute presentation to the Path USA group at the Miami Museum of Science on the topic of the battle for natural medicine and bioidentical hormones.  Also discussed was the topic of the great scandals in modern medicine, and finally, the future of medicine

Posted on You Tube as a Six Part Video

You can watch the entire You Tube Video series of 6 parts here:

Part One, The Battle For Natural Medicine:

Part Two, BioIdentical Hormones:

Part Three, The Great Scandals in Modern Medicine:

Part Four, The Drug Scandals:

Part Five The Vitamin Scandals:

Part Six Predicting the Future of Medicine:

Jeffrey Dach MD
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Hollywood Fl 33021


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  • 10-14-2009 Karen from Hollywood wrote:
    Hi there,

    I saw your video on you-tube, it was great and very informative. I put you on my Facebook page and people are asking me questions.. I'm going to give them your e-mail if it's alright.

    The hormone cream is just starting to work. My primary also told me I was normal but I knew better, Yes, I was sick of the corporate crap also, that's why I quit, the political side drove me crazy, money over health.

    I will also send e-mails to my friends. Is this the right one?

    This is very good thing your doing, I remember many of the doctor's wives took synthetics and had breast cancer , thought there was a link (in my mind).

    I'm going to buy your book. I always thought you were brilliant anyway.....thanks again and let me know about the e-mail address.


    Thanks Karen,

    for all your help getting the word out.

    regards from, jd   disclaimer

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  • 02-28-2010 Lance Chambers wrote:

    I watched the video and I found it appalling that corporate pharmaceutical industries have to chemically alter a natural substance in order to get patent for synthetic medicine or synthetic hormones for that matter but I think synthetic hormone should not have been approved for human use in the first place.

    Lance Chambers

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  • 10-26-2010 SB wrote:
    Dr Dach,

    I was treated for prostate cancer in year 2000.

    Just now (2010) it has spread and become metastatic, with a PSA in 60's.
    Will biodentical testerone help fight prostate cancer?
    I am 77, and other wise in good health.


    Sear SB,

    One serious contra-indication to testosterone supplementaion is prostate cancer.
    In fact, mainstream  treatment for prostate cacner involves using testosterone blocker drugs to block the effect of testosterone.  So your answer is, no, testosterone would not be given to a patient with actively progressing prostate cancer.

    regards, jeffrey dach md


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  • 10-30-2010 KY wrote:
    Dr Dach,

    Bioidentical hormone replacement after menopause (to me) is like the use of insulin in diabetics. It is the supplementation of something the body has stopped producing.
    The medical profession, for the most part, wants us to think these substances are harmful and brainwash us on the news.

    Big Pharma is a bunch of drug pushers and the FDA is a joke.

    Keep up the good work. BTW I take bioidentical hormones and am very healthy.


    Jeffrey Dach MD   disclaimer

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